My life as a book

My life as a book is pretty straight-forward really. My pages are either open or closed for people to see. But I meet different types of people a lot, you could say I have thousands of friends. You see, someone has tattooed me, in a very different, all my insides are tattooed, every page. Imagine if you were to be tattooed in your organs, it would be insanely painful. But I’m fine now as all the tattooing that was meant to be done to me has been done by a person names J.K Rowling…

Not only did this woman tattoo me, but she created me. For that, I am thankful because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive! She also named me, she called me Harry Potter and The Order of The Pheonix.

MANY people have picked me up and ripped my skin to look at my tattoos. Some people just pick them up and skim through the words that are written form the tattoos, while others take me to their home and read me for weeks, but somehow I always end up back in the same building, which humans call a library, I call it prison because it seems like I’m trapped in this confined space and the shelves are my prison cell. But I always feel joy when someone takes me to their home.

Every time someone picks me up from the dirty bookshelves of the ‘library’ I begin to feel happy inside, it gives me the hope that one day they’ll take me and keep me in their home, away from the other mistreated books on the shelves. We don’t get treated with respect whatsoever, we get dropped on the ground and don’t get picked up till the next day or two and sometimes, just sometimes, we get stomped on by a human’s foot. It’s very cruel but it happens and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

I know everything about my life but there’s one thing that I don’t understand, and that’s what the tattoos inside me say. I’ve never been able to figure it out. But I’ve always wondered. I always try to find out by listening to what the humans say when they say my tattoos as I know that they’re reading them.

That’s my life, thank you for listening to what I have to say as it may help other books in the world.

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