My life as a book

I wish more people treated me with respect because usually when someone returns me back to the library, i normally end up with either new stains, or rips. This is because people don’t care about me, like… what did i do? I entertain them and they enjoy reading me, but why do they rip me? If they don’t like the book, then just borrow a new book.

Right now, i am with a girl, and, i think her name is Emily… So far, I have no new rips, and hopefully i get none. She has read 2 chapters of me so far, and i think she likes it.

Even though i have quite a few rips and stains, at least it’s not as much as the other books. The part 1 of me looks like she will fall apart as soon as you will hold her. Speaking of other books, Emily brought back another book which hopefully can be my friend.

“Hey.. umm, my name is Bob, Emily borrowed my quite a while ago… umm so… whats your name?” He replied in a dull voice “Greg.” I was quite sure this was going to be a boring friendship. “So umm, when did you-“. That’s when Emily grabbed me and started reading my third chapter. I kept repeating in my head, ‘please be careful, please!’

Surprisingly she read the whole book pretty quickly and seemed to like it. Then she put me in the basket of her bike and rode me to the library. But before we got there, here basket got lose and fell off which gave me scratches. I knew there was no way someone borrowed me without hurting me.

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