Week # 24

Today we discussed some pretty basic things like …

  • What happens when you turn on the tap?
  • What happens when you turn on the light switch?

The idea was to get the kids to understand where the water comes from and where the electricity comes from. Some things we touched on during the conversation were …

  • Reservoirs
  • Water tanks
  • Recycled water
  • Power plants
  • Power distribution
  • Electricity and water meters
  • Batteries
  • Why there is a positive and negative terminal on the battery?
  • Electricity comes from the word electrons
  • Solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-power
  • Fuse boxes

Interesting conversation and we ended the day with me showing them Peltier elements. I demonstrated how they can generate a little electricity if you just change the temperature on one side. I also showed them how if we apply electricity to it, one of its sides becomes hot and the other one becomes cold.

The main idea of the session today was to throw all these new terms and ideas at them and maybe a few will stick.

Alamgir will investigate what’s the difference between AC and DC.

Blog Post

For this week, the kids can write on anything they want but it has to be a funny post.

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