Jokes on you

The bright sun hits Sam’s eyes reminding him that today would be another embarrassing day. Sam was in Year 6. He use to get bullied by a year 8 student. They always made jokes about Sam. Everyone thought of him as a loser but actually he was intelligent.

            One day he had enough. He didn’t want to be the joke of the school anymore, so he decided to start writing some jokes of his own. What has four wheels and can’t fly, a (garbage truck). He wrote loads of jokes. The next day he waited for the bully to embarrass him. when he came he kept on staring at Sam he didn’t say anything. So I said “why are you staring at me”. The bully said “because it is my choice”. Sam said “oh it’s probably because i am too handsome for you”. Everybody backed off. Sam said “now you see how I felt like when you made those jokes about me”. The bully said “I’m sorry but when I made fun of people I was popular but I guess I hurt your feelings”. Do you want to be friends? Sam said “YES”. From that day onwards they became friends.

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