The magic karma

Once upon a time, not long ago there was a witch named Jessica Melwitch. Jessica was a mean girl. She always set a grudge against everyone in her school except Layla Temelstone (her best friend).Jessica had a high, Almost white ponytail and always had a bow in it and baby blue eyes. Layla had long, golden braided pigtails. Her ocean eyes glowed in the sunlight. Both of the girls were very mean but unfortunately that’s what made them popular. Jessica was practicing a spell that could turn anyone into a zombie. She practiced it on her cat and it turned him into a green skinned, Black haired, toothless zombie!

There was this one girl she hated the most, her name is Ella Kemmple. Ella was a nice friendly and talented girl but Jessica was always jealous of her. Ella had black curly hair that when up to her waist and chocolaty skin that matched with her hazelnut eyes.

Magic time! ✨

After a month of practicing, it was finally time to turn Ella into a zombie. When no one was watching Jessica stood right behind Ella, with Jessica’s back facing Ella’s back. Jessica’s wand was facing Ella (well she thought) and said the spell. ” Dabadaboo Yabadabadoo, turn her into zombie, ooh”. Uh oh, instead of turning her into a zombie, she turned herself into a zombie. The whole school screamed “AHHHHHHHHH”. ” Jessica said ” I want to eat you” but she meant “someone please turn me back”. That was what Jessica got for being so mean to everyone especially Ella!

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