Mr Mac

Mr Mac

Once upon a time there was a proboscis monkey named Mr Mac. Mr Mac was also a teacher. He taught proboscis school in proboscis land. One day Mr Mac’s nose was runny he wiped it and wiped it but his nose was too big.

“Arrgh my nose is too big. I can’t wipe it help me. Arrgh” just then someone came in it was Mr Mac’s good friend, Mr Fart.

“It’s okay Mr Mac I’ll help you” he said and pulled Mr Mac’s nose and boogers came out!!

Mr Mac kicked Mr Fart and Mr Fart kicked Mr Mac back, Mr Mac peed on Mr Fart and Mr Fart farted on Mr Mac.

But then Mr Mac and Mr Fart heard a very scary noise. Someone was coming to wring their necks and eat them!


Help me Mr Mac rushed over to the dressing table and hid in there and Mr Fart went over to the mirror and hid under it.

“THUMP THUMP” Someone was approaching them, and fast. “I’m so scared Mr Mac are you” but Mr Mac was paralyzed with fear. “Daddy where are you” it was Mr Fart’s daughter, Fartina

Mr Mac and Mr Fart were so relieved so they kept on fighting “stop daddy” but Mr Fart didn’t stop so Fartina grabbed him and threw him at Mr Mac and they both farted.

The End

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