My fat cat.

“Meow!” I just got a new cat and BOY have I been busy! She is FAT, as in FAT. She broke some records and I’ll tell you the story.

So my mum bought me this obese cat, right, and we were told she was a record breaker, but we didn’t believe them because the cat was cute enough. So my mum bought my cat some toys, but she didn’t do anything just sat there. We got really annoyed because the cat was meant to be energetic. But then we heard this knocking on the door. I was like OMG when I saw it was this government agent. “We heard you have the fattest cat in the world.” I was thinking what? I mean I just have an average cat. By then my mum had come over. “What’s all the fuss about?” she asked me. “These people are saying that we have the fattest cat in the world.”

“Yes, you really do. We told that shopkeeper don’t sell that cat but she did anyway.” The government agent told, us who I figured out to be a Guinness World Records agent. “Now let’s measure your cat.”(  (This song playing in the background.)

Industrial scale measure

We had to get a crane to lift her in the end and the crane safely deposited her onto the industrial scale. “CREAK, BANG!!!” She had broken the scale. Literally.

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