Laugh Out Loud… Or Not!!

So… there is this kid in my class who thinks he’s funny… His name is Bilbo, yes Bilbo. It’s sounds like an name of someone who would be funny but boy he’s just dumb, like… who would try cracking a watermelon on their head? Or try skydiving from the top of their bed? Wow that rhymed! But.. you know what also rhymes, Bilbo is dumb and he looks like a plum. Not only does that rhyme, but it’s also true! No offence Bilbo. Also, he likes this girl, but she’s waaay out of his league. Continuing on though, i heard today he was gonna try impressing her by doing a back flip. But i think he will chicken out, or just break his bones.

*At school: Lunch time

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GOOOOOO!!!!!” OMG, I was so sure he wouldn’t do it and… i was right. Instead, he tried giving his crush a hug but she immediately stepped away and since his eyes were closed, instead of hugging her, he fell face flat onto the grass and everyone immediately shuffled away. But when he got up, he started laughing hysterically while turning bright red…

Well i guess there will only be more next time… Bye guys!!

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