The fox and chicken

Once upon a time there was a farm near the woods. In this farm there were cows, lambs, horses and chickens. In the chickens shed there was an elderly chicken who always warned the younger chickens not to leave the shed at night. They said if anyone did go out at night the fox would eat them, because of this all the chicken were secretly afraid but said that they were not scared. They all believed that they were strong enough to fight away the fox. There was a chicken, the odd one out who nobody liked. Unlike the others he didn’t have many feathers and so he was made fun of.

One day all the other chickens dared the odd one out to go to the woods at night.When the odd one out felt embarrassed to say no he accepted. He said he wasn’t scared but on the inside he was frozen with terror. He didn’t want to go but he also didn’t want to be bullied for the rest of his life.When he was about to exit he took a big gulp.He looked at the pitch black night then left. Walking slowly he tried to make sure that he didn’t trigger any foxes.

As he went deeper into the woods he began finding dead animals like deers and birds. The terror once in his head spread like plague to his entire body, there was no escaping it. He looked around him then his eyes caught gaze of two yellow eyes. A shiver went through his body. He stepped into the light, so did the fox……THEY BOTH SCREAMED. The fox backed off and so did the chicken. The chicken asked the fox why he screamed.The fox replied “because i saw you”the chicken was surprised. The fox said that his elders warn them about the chickens, that they can kill them in a second. It turns out that none of them were scary! The chicken and fox then talked about the myths about each other then had a laughing session.They later became the best of friends. Being best friends they always pranked each other tribes.

The end.

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