The hilarious crash

“Hurry up” my dad shouted, we were going to the park with our bikes and my dad and cousins were coming with us, we had to wait for Aida (my sister) because she was putting her shoes on. We went to The Grange Park and we were the first ones there. My cousins came 2 mins after, then we started riding our bikes. My dad shouted “Ready, 3, 2, 1, GO!” all of us raced each other with our vehicles, we had a few rounds. Until we came to the 5th round.

I put my feet on the pedals with determination, and then my dad shouted “Ready, 3, 2, 1, … GO!l” I started pedaling as fast as I could! But there was a sharp turn that was really hard to cross, I was still determined to do it, but then something distracted, it was my cousin she passed me! I forgot all about turning because I was so shocked. There was a soccer/footy field that had a fence around it, while I was distracted I headed right towards the fence and CRASH! The bike fell on top of me and I hit my head on a bin that was right next to the field. I didn’t start crying, I started laughing I thought that had been the most hilarious day of my life! Since then my cousins keep on telling me that and they keep on saying “ I should have bought a camera with me, and then I should’ve recorded it and send it on YouTube”! Now I think why was I so determined or why did I get distracted and who won? I will never forget about that memorable and hilarious day!

 THE END! I hope you enjoyed

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