The making of Romeo and Juliet…

Yes, it’s me, Shakespeare and I am here to tell you about how I made Romeo and Juliet.

Step 1: Plan

So, the first part was to plan out what I am going to write. But before I do so, I need to clear my timetable. “Alright, Monday: Sleeping, Tuesday: Sleeping, Wednesday: Sleeping, and more sleeping for the rest of the week. No wonder I’m so busy these days, my timetable is just so busy. Now all I have to do is get rid of some of my plans…. All my plans are too meaningful, sleep is very important. Ugh, I’ll deal with it later”.

Step 2: Materials

Now I have to get all the materials I need to create my masterpiece. So I got my paper and pencil, but I was put in a serious debate. “2B, or not 2B?”, it was too hard so I just decided to use a pen instead.

Step 3: Writing

So I wanted to fill the blank page that was in front of me with words and I did so, I continued to write in the restaurant for hours. After the third hour, the manager of the restaurant came up to me and placed a big cube on the table, which occupied the whole table. “What’s this?”, I ask. “It’s a writer’s block! You put it on the table and you can’t write there anymore!”, he replied .”Why would I need that?”, “So you can leave this darn place, you’ve occupied the place for WAY too long and I’m tired of seeing your face.”,”You can’t write anymore because of this amazing invention”.

The play…

The play has been created and the most tragic part is about to come. Juliet is about to die, seeing Romeo kill himself with poison. She grabs the dagger, stabs herself and falls to the ground, ketchup squirting everywhere as blood. I cry, “The ketchup…. Beautiful, just beautiful”.

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