The traffic light

Ahhh, what a lovely morning, it’s time I get ready for work. While walking down to the kitchen I see some cornflakes on the table. Well I guess I’ll eat them out of the box. I pour some milk into the box and take a spoon, I begin eating . This tastes so delicious. I walk into my room and .. I almost got tripped by a shirt! I’ll wear it .. I guess, even though it smells like rotten cheese. I walk outside my front door. It’s suppose to be 21 degrees today not 5 degrees I look down and discover I am wearing SHORTS! I totally forgot to change my my shorts from last night.

I run as fast as I can and grab some jeans. Finally, done! As soon as I hop into my car I spin the key and start driving. This traffic light better turn green soon. My eyes are staring directly at the green signal. Out of no where I hear the traffic light scream! It’s saying ” don’t look at me I’m changing”. Well I must be hearing things…or not. The traffic light was red. I turn around and as soon as I turned back it was green. Wow. The traffic light can talk. Uh oh, as soon as I’m about to drive it changes again, to red.

I remember that yesterday I packed some toast in my work lunch box. Well what goes best with toast in a car, I guess traffic jam.

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