Week # 25

Kashif ordered the Tinker Crate and today he brought the first one in. The kids immediately started assembling the kit by following the instructions. This involved putting together some bits and pieces including a motor, some resistors and batteries. The kit was designed to demonstrate the awesomeness of the centrifugal force. Here is the video of the kids having fun with it.

They not only had fun but they also learned about a few things including …

  • Centrifugal force
  • Resisters
  • Motor and a little bit about how it works
  • Circuit board

Their curiosity about the resister lined up well with our conversation recently about electricity and batteries. Once they finished playing with the kit, we asked them where do they see some practical examples of this force. The kids were able to give us a few decent examples like the rides in theme parks etc.

All in all, we are pretty happy with the investment so far.

What if we lost the Amazon Rainforest?

We are going to be discussing different components and ideas in this video over the next few weeks. We want to encourage group conversations and research. The first bit we will discuss next week is … “What are the reasons behind forest fires?”

Blog Post

As kids had a lot of difficulty with the write-anything-funny theme, we will continue on this one for a few weeks until the point they become comfortable.

Car Project

Although the car project was due today where the kids tell us how they can make a car driven by water. As Zoha was sick today, they will present it next week. One group, however, has made zero progress, which will be discussed next week.

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