The stinky bus

“Peep, peep” said the car behind us. “Hurry up you are stopping the whole lane” shouted the angry man. Everyone use to always say stuff to us because our driver used to take his shoe off which smelled like poo. Everyone on the bus use to say to him, roses are pink, your feet really stink. We all wanted to complain but we felt too bad but one day we had enough. My friend Emma fainted because of that disgusting smell. It was just disgrace to the world and nature. We went home and told our parents but all that they said was “come on how bad it can be”.

           The next day we took them to the bus and this time it smelled like a cow died in there. “It needs to be washed” said Emma. A kid named Tony said “somebody please replace his shoes and socks cause it smells like a rat died in here 100 years ago”. The parents told the council and the council told the bus driver to clean his feet, shoes and socks or he would get fired. The bus driver threw his shoes away and cleaned the socks as well as his feet.

            From then everyone had a happy day and nobody said “roses are pink, your feet stink” anymore. All the cars stopped yelling at us and we had a peaceful day!

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