Nee-nore, nee-nore, nee-nore the ambulance hurried throw the town to the hospital. My heart was thumping fast. As fast as a cheetah. Whereas Lila was calm maybe because she was unconscious. This all started on the 1st of April, which we all know is April fool’s day. Lila is a little aggressive so things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

The start !!!

It was morning and we all lined up outside the classroom. Yesterday I lost my hat and surprisingly Lila found it today. I knew there was something wrong but I took it anyway and put on my head. Within a second my head was covered with goo and I literally mean covered in goo. And that’s where things got out of hand. After recess I saw Lila coming around the corner so I took a big gulp of water and spat on her face. You had to be there. She stared at me like lion does to its prey. Then she furiously spoke “ha-ha very funny, I am going to get you back. You little ankle bitter”. Saying that she left. Trust me when she says that know I need to keep an eye out.

The cut off line.

Later that day we were having a conversation in class as to where you originate form. As I spoke, Lila interrupted me and commented that “you know where you came from, the freeway. You want to know why. Because that’s where most of the accident happen. #no offense.” “That’s it you have crossed the line.” I replied with a high pitched voice. “From now on no limits as to how far you want to take your pranks.” I continued.

The fall…..

The next day I came early to set up my prank. You have to keep reading to find out. Lila showed up and she looked angry. I went over and apologized for yesterday. I told her that April fool day is over so we should be friends again. For some reason she actually agreed. Here’s a little tip for you readers never trust a friend right after April fool’s day.

I and Lila were just hanging out as Ryan approached and asked us how much we trust each other. We both replied a reasonable amount. “So why don’t you do a trust fall?” he inquired. Lila wasn’t going to lose to a boy so she told me to catch her and that’s where I came in. Ryan was just a distraction for Lila to trust me. So the plan was that instead of catching Lila I let go of her and she trips. That’s where I was wrong. As soon as I let go she fell down and smashed her head open. After all the time we spend together I always thought she was an air head but I was wrong she had a brain. I quickly grabbed her and took to the sick bay and now you can relate why she was in the ambulance unconscious.

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