Une Potato

Une potato

Once upon a time there was une potato named Une Potato. He was 256 years old and had gone rotten 90 years ago.

His friend Deux Potato was slightly older than Une Potato at the age of 999. All potatoes would die at the age of 1000 and Deux Potato was going to die tomorrow.

Une Potato got his tie, (which was nothing more than a piece of string) his shoes, (which were nothing more than 2 rocks) and his wig (which was also his roots.)

At Deux potato’s funeral 21 million people were going to attend and most of them were going to be birds waiting to eat Deux Potato’s body remainders.

When Une Potato got there he suddenly realised the funeral was tomorrow! He slapped himself across the face and then punched himself and he kept on doing both!

This kept on happening all through the night and the next day too! At the funeral he talked to everyone not realising how dumb he looked because he was slapping himself!

His mum saw him and slapped him twice across the face because he looked extremely dumb and stupid. The next day he dramatically turned 1000 and died.

Une end

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