There was a little pig named arangatang. He wasnt like a pig tho because he ate weird type of foods like bread and orange peels. One day he sneaked out of the farm he was in and he appeared in the real word, but things werent right because people couldnt understand him or he didnt get food! He realised he was lost and starving. One fine day he woke up and saw food and realized he was back in the farm. Later he noticed there were signs saying he couldnt leave again. Arangatang had a slight releif but he was sad because he couldnt go into the real world again. He wasnt acting normal anymore, until one day no one was in the house and he decided to go out and explore but there was one thing, he couldnt go empty handed so he brought lots of food and as he was further exploring the real world someone grabbed him! When suddenly he found himself in a place so rotten he could die from stink! He was planning an escape route but all the pathways were blocked besides the place where the spiders were! He went and sneaked into the spider area when they were asleep and then, AS FAST AS A race car he sneaked out and returned to his farm. luckily the people were still gone. At this moment Arangatang never went into the real world ever again.

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