Every kid in school has a nickname, including me. Mine has come from a very weird story. In school, I learn the language Japanese, and that’s where I got my nickname from.

Once in Japanese we had an oral presentation and while we were writing what we were going to say… my friend said she would have to make up a fake pet, and she named it Bob. Then she had to repeat Bob-Wa over and over again to practice her presentation. Then pretty much every single day i would keep repeating it in the middle of her conversations. She would be talking about something and i would be like “Hey Emily… Bob-Wa”, and then i just said it so many times that it ended up my nickname. Like… everyone i know has weird nicknames. Emily’s nickname is egg, just because she hates eggs, Ava’s nickname is Acorn… just because… but like, Treanna’s nickname… yes her name is Treanna, it is Tallamalla-apple… yep.

(This is actually a true story except for the other characters names.)

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