The email mix up

Once upon a time there was a newly wed couple. The husband, Dan owned a cafe and the wife,Betty was a lawyer. They both made alot of money but the wife made the most. 2 months after their wedding they decided to go on a honeymoon to Italy. They had booked the flight one month in advance. Unfortunately the day before the flight, Betty got a call from work stating that there was a big case for a big client. So Betty and Dan decided that Dan would go first and get everything prepared , then Betty would come in two days.

After Dan reached Italy, he checked into their hotel.After getting comfortable he sat on his bed, opened his laptop and sent an email to his wife.He sent it letting her know he reached safe.He then got a call from his driver so he had to quickly send it. It turned out that since he rushed, he sent it to the wrong person.

The person he sent the email to was and old lady. Sadly this old woman’s husband died the day before the email was sent.That afternoon the old woman opened her laptop to see the email. After reading it she fainted out of shock. The sound of her falling made her family run to her. Questioning how she fainted they checked her laptop to find the email.The email read:

Dear Wife,

i have arrived peacefully, it is so beautiful here. Everything is set for your arrival tomorrow.

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