A strange day

I hear my Mom’s slippers rubbing against the carpet, getting louder and louder. Before I know it my Mom is standing right in front of me, trying to get me out of bed. I guess I don’t want to be late for school so I decide it’s about time to get up. I walk into the dining room and see my Dad reading the new book he got. 101 Hillarious Jokes. I guess he wasn’t finding anything funny since he had his usual, serious face. My Mom was making fried eggs, for breakfast. Suddenly I hear a deep laugh. “What’s so funny Dad?” I asked. He said, ” Listen to this, ha, Why did the can crusher quit his job?”. I shrugged, “because it was soda pressing”. I laughed… The egg on the kitchen counter started to laugh too, it totally cracked up!

I had never seen an egg laugh before! It was almost time to go to school. I felt bad eating the laughing egg so I ate some Coco pops instead. As I quickly brushed my teeth the school bus was waiting outside. I ran to get my bag and hopped on to the school bus.

At school

Our first class was Geology. We had a rock in front of our desks. The activity was to draw and label all the features of it, in our textbooks. I was about to get the ruler to rule my red margin at the top of my page until I found it talking to my rock. ” You rule,” said the rock. ” You rock,” said the ruler. This can’t be right, A rock doesn’t even have ears. Neither does a ruler. When I go home I better take a loooooooong nap!

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