I don’t know why the other cats don’t like me. Is it because i am people’s favorite? Or what? if it’s because i have a weird fur colour, doesn’t mean i should be treated differently. They make fun of me by saying i’m the 4th pea in the pod and i don’t belong here. Now… i make fun of them.

I put on anything i can find and imitate them till some other cat’s laugh at each other. People sometimes now try to make fun of me but nope… Even if they try their hardest, i will still win! “Hey Bob, look, i’m you!” i said as i pulled the face he was pulling, but in a really funny way. I walked around and challenged them to things i knew i would win…And obviously i am now the most popular in the group. Now i’m the most funny and popular. I guess that’s how you become popular.

Speaking of being funny… my friend Jeff-Bob the pig has a story which i can tell you. Jeff-Bob was a very strange pig. Like.. so strange that people didn’t believe he was an actual pig. He only ate kale and apples, and he also hated mud. He never wanted to be dirty, and it was like he was the most fashionable pig, if that’s a thing. He slept during day time and woke up during night time. But the strange thing is he doesn’t snort, instead he literally goes ‘oink’, he doesn’t snort at all, even a little bit… Well… that’s all i’m telling you about Jeff-Bob… Until next time!!

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