My first day at school

I’m about to start off my first day at school and I’m about to head to my first class. Science class and I’m pretty excited. But let’s see how it goes.

The periodic table

I take a seat and get ready for what we’re about to learn. “All right, students, today we’re going to be creating our own elements for the periodic table.”, the teacher says. So we begin our two hour class and Mr.Thompson is checking what each student has done. He slowly approaches my desk to see what I have created. His mouth opens with awe just like the big drawing of an emoji with it’s mouth open and it’s eyes huge with surprise that I had created. “What?”, I ask Mr.Thompson. “What’s this?”, Mr.Thompson asks.”Well, you told us to create our own element for the periodic table, so I created the element of surprise, so I just drew a surprised emoji and slept for the rest of the class.” The whole class burst out laughing, but Mr.Thompson isn’t laughing with them, I think his brain was releasing a chemical reaction of embarrassment and anger. He kicks me out of the class and that was the end of my first period.

The health class

Before our lunch break we began our health class, which went pretty well, but then my teacher asked me if my lunch was healthy or not and I reply with,”Yes”, “What do you have?”, she asks me, “I have vitamin A from the Apple tart, vitamin B from the Burger, vitamin C from Coke and vitamin d which stands for Diabetes.” Long story short, I got kicked out of that class as well.

That was the first and last day at my new school, thank you for reading.

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