The bad haircut

Octus woke up early in the morning and got ready for work. When he reached his office he decided that he would go for a haircut after work.

            Octus needed to have a haircut every month because his hair used to grow really fast and if he didn’t cut his hair he would look like a girl. This time his hair were so long that his office mates made fun of him like one of the jokes they said was, knock knock, who’s there, repanzal, repanzal who, repanzal, you! He used get embarrassed so many times.

            After work he went to the barber and showed him an image of the haircut he wanted. Couple of hours later he was finally done he looked in the mirror and saw the most hideous haircut ever! He took the image and showed it to the barber and he said what is this a joke I look like a flamingo just got an electric shock”. The barber said “sorry but you don’t have to pay. Well it doesn’t really matter because your hair grow really fast”. Octus said “well I guess so but please next time don’t make this mistake. Octus went to the office next day and nobody made fun of him or his hair.

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