laziness !

The sun shone on my eyes which in a matter a fact woke me up from my beauty sleep. I yawned then stretched then rubbed my eyes and then finally got out of my bed. I went to my laundry bag got out a dirty shirt. That’s because I don’t really care if I am clean or not. I didn’t bother cleaning my teeth or my face. So I went straight for breakfast. I took out the milk carton and a cup, but I couldn’t be bother to pour it out so I drank straight out of the carton.

After all this I went to work and surprising no one came to give me any work. They all came a meter close but then turned around and ran away. No wonder why. Maybe I am just too smart for them.

Thinking that my boss came and fired me. I never knew why. But as soon as I looked back the whole office was chucking my stuff out and they also gave me a free deodorant, shampoo and clothes. I think I was just too good for them.

Later that day I found a letter saying that I will be paid if I never come back to their company again.

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