The smart speeder

Once upon a time there was a man in a car driving.This man then wanted to reach the signal so he speeded. When he got near the signal,he heard a siren behind him. A police man stopped him and asked him to put his window down.”Sir, do you know why i pulled you over?” The police man slipped his sunglasses to his nose.The driver mumbled then said “was i-” “YOU WHERE SPEEDING 40 KM OVER THE LIMIT!” the police officer cut him while he was speaking. The policeman asked the driver to show his license. The driver hesistated “My ID is in my pocket, and i’m afraid if i take it out you will notice the credit cards i have stolen”.The police man was confused why the driver was so honest. He stood in disbelief for a second then did his job “Sir you are under arrest, please step out of the vehicle”The police man put his arm through the window to turn the car off, until the driver pushed his hand away.”Stop! i don’t want you to find the gun in my glovebox” Thee police man stumbled and could not believe that the driver just told him.”Sir, i am going to have to check your boot”The police man put up his gun for safety before the driver cam running towards him.”STOP, STOP,STOP!DONT LOOK AT THE GIRL I KIDNAPPED”Th police man immediately arrested the man and called for backup. When the backup police men arrived, they went up to the driver”The police man said you had stolen IDs You had a gun in your glovebox and a girl in your boot, but we didn’t find anything”The backup stated.The driver scoffed “That liar probably said i speeded too”.

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