Water craziness

Since my brother learnt how to open doors and open taps, he has started opening them on very fast and then he brushes his teeth with my or his toothbrush. It is really annoying because he makes a very big mess that takes forever to clean up.

He always has cheeky smile on his face when he sees the bathroom door open because this is what he does. He runs to the bathroom like a silent mouse. Then he goes in and closes the door, he opens the tap and then takes someone’s toothbrush, and starts brushing his teeth. Last time I went to the bathroom, I opened the door and there he was, standing on the stool throwing water everywhere, and brushing his teeth, even all his clothes were wet. It looked like he had taken a shower with his clothes on. All the mirrors were wet and even the floor/mats.

Once he was so wet that you could see all his footprints even on the carpet! He was running around like crazy. The most craziest thing about him is that he loves water but hates baths, he cries like he got hurt really bad, it’s just a crazy and horrible thing to see. He loves playing with his toys in normal but hates to play with them in the bath. Also he loves making a gigantic, huge, massive mess with water, like for example if he had a cup full of water, he would try and drink it  and deliberately throw it all on himself, or he would just take the glass and just throw it all on the floor, which makes him get in big trouble. Ziyad (my brother) is a very cheeky and naughty boy when it comes to water but when it is on other things he can be a lot worse. 


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