Dork Diaries Book Review/Summary!!

Title: Dork Diaries

Author: Rachel Renee Russel

Series of books

My friend recommended it to me and i enjoyed it quite a lot (it’s the book i’m reading/ iv’e read most recently).

Dork Diaries is a series of books which is dorky and funny. It is based on a girl named Nikki, her enemy Mackenzie, and her ‘adorkable’ crush Brandon. I enjoy reading this book when i have a bad day and i want to smile, or just if i feel like it. Nikki’s bff’s Chloe and Zoe help her get out of catastrophes, and also make sure Mackenzie doesn’t sabotage her. Nikki, Chloe and Zoe are bff’s and always help each other, they are all cute, funny and dorky and make the book even better. Overall, i definitely recommend it if you want a funny series of books. Rating: 9/10


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