We Set The Dark On Fire- Tehlor Kay Mejia.

So, I’ve begun reading this book by the name, “We Set The Dark on Fire”, which I like very much. It’s about a girl who’s name is Daniela Vargas, who lives in a society where a woman is only given two choices on how yo live her life. She can either run her husband’s household, or raise the family. In both cases, the woman’s marriage is arranged with a man who is in a very high class and is also in the household with another one of his wives.

The school

Daniela goes to a school where women are taught to be perfect, trained to be with a husband is “worthy of perfection”, reason being, they are of a higher class and live very nice lives or they contribute to the country that they live in. But Dani has a secret she’s been hiding…

Dani’s secret

Dani has forged application papers for this school. She lives in a place where famine and poorness is very common. Her parents wanted her to have the best life she possibly can and the only way for that to happen was her to go to this school.

A revelation

Dani is two ways from her graduation and outburst has occurred, the people from where she comes from, have formed a rebellion and attack the “better side”. Dani, being as curious as she is wanted to see what was happening and when she saw what was happening, it almost acted as a revelation to her. She was aware of the classism but always ignored it. Until she almost gets exposed about her forged papers.

A disaster

The school was testing the papers whether they were authentic or not and Dani almost gets exposed, but she meets a man who gives her real papers by the name of Sota, but he gives it to her in return of a favour, she had to gather intel on a specific person.

That’s all I’ve read so far, I think that outburst is only the beginning of something greater when it comes to Dani, I’m excited to read more and see where this book goes.

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