Book review

Title: 1918

Author: Libby Gleeson

Ratings: I would rate this book 9 out of 10, due to the terrible ending.


Ned and les are two boys who are in ww1, fighting for Australia. As they make their journey to France they face a series of event that caused their friends to die. Due to some events that you have to read to find out. Ned and les get severely injured. In order for less to survive to survive Ned had to save him. Ned carries him back to station, but faints when he reaches there. Ned wakes up in a hospital and doesn’t know anything about where les is. He then is send to Birmingham, to get proper treatment. When Ned arrives their after several week’s les also arrives there. At the end they get told that the war is over for them and they would be going home. Later they find out that the war was finally over and the world was at peace.

Opinion: I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend kids above the age of 11 to read this book. As it contains violence and shooting. This book was really interesting and gave a lot of facts about the life in war and the people fighting in it.

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