Alex Rider “Never Say Die”

Alex Rider “Never Say Die” is a book by Anthony Horowitz and is part of the Alex Rider series. It is about a teenage boy who is a spy and works for the MI6. His parents died when he was only a few weeks old and was sent to live with his uncle “Ian Rider” who was a spy working for MI6. After his uncle’s mysterious death, Alex soon found his way into the MI6 and has gone on many missions up until now.

This book is the 10th instalment of the series. It takes place when Alex has finally started the life of a normal schoolboy again after his guardian died when he receives an anonymous email from someone. The email contains a message which leads to Alex believing that his guardian is still alive. He then goes on to find her and on his journey discovers that the people who have kidnapped her are planning something terrible.

He ends up saving the day and finds his guardian and goes onto live with her. He wants to live a normal life but at the end of the book it can be seen that he is going to be needed again very quickly.

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  • September 21, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    I loved that book! Also, nice job on shortening it out.

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