“Protector of the Small.”

“Protector of the Small”
“Protector of the Small” is a series by Tamara Pierce, and is about a young girl who is the only girl in a “man’s world.” This “man’s world” is the world of knighthood, where the main character (called Keladry) must navigate her way through being a page, squire, hated by some of her fellow knights-in-training, and the normal challenges of being a girl. She grew up in the Yamani islands, where females and males are treated equally, and LGBI rights are supported. She is the first person to take hold of the rule that females may train to become knights. This rule was made by the king when the Lioness (Keladry’s hero and one of the most respected knights in the realm) was revealed to be hiding her gender in order to become a knight. She eventually becomes respected person and is taken on training by Lord Raoul, also known as the “Knight Commander.” The series is set on the kingdom of Tortall, where creatures called “Immortals” have invaded the land. This is not Tamara Pierce’s first series. This is the furthest I have gotten in the series so far, and it is getting better and better. I would give it an 8/10.

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