The day of the accident

The day of the accident by Nuala Ellwood published September 15th 2018 is a thriller, mystery book

i have not read the whole book but i can summarize the part i did read.Maggie, the main character, awakes in a hospital confused. She then is told that she was in a car accident,that she drove into a lake.When Maggie asks about her daughter she is told that she was killed.Maggie being devastated asked to see her husband, she was then was told he disappeared

I enjoy the book so far because it uses the technique of imagery really well. The author describes all five senses very well, putting me in the the story.The book gives mysterious vibes when your reading it. It is because of these vibes i want to continue reading,because i want to know what will happen next.

What i dot like and i think the author could improve on is the time frame.The events are happening so fast at one point i am lost. It is like big event forcibly stacked up on the story.

That is all i have for the story but there is still a lot to figure out for when i read more of it.

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