The Hostile Hospital/8th book. Series of unfortunate events

The Hostile Hospital/8th book

Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, are being chased by the evil Count Olaf who wants their parents fortune. They were on the lam. When they were walking they saw a shop called “The Last Chance General Store”, so they decided to go inside. The Baudelaires had been through a lot of misery, they were even published in the Daily Punctilio so they needed to be careful. So they went inside and saw a chubby, hairy man right in front of them. Then they saw some telegrams, so they asked the man where the telegrams were. Then he walked them there and then they wanted to talk to Mr.Poe (a man who works in the bank and takes care of the Baudelaire parents fortune). They already knew that they needed to say stop after each sentence. After they had nothing to say, the newspaper man came and told the shopkeeper that there were 3 orphans that were murdering on the lam. Then the shopkeeper told the newspaper man that the Baudilaires were in his shop that instant. They heard and ran out as fast as they could.

Then because they didn’t want to be found by anyone, they just hopped into a van. Then they saw a man with a beard and a guitar and a group of very cheerful people. The baudelaires asked them what  V.F.D stood for and they said it stands for Volunteers Fighting Disease, then they started singing a song:

We are Volunteers Fighting Disease,

And we’re cheerful all day long.

If someone said that we were sad, 

That person would be wrong.

We visit people who are sick, 

And try to make them smile,

Even if their noses bleed,

Or if they cough up bile.

Tra la la, Fiddle dee dee,

Hope you get well soon.

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee, 

Have a heart shaped balloon.

We visit people who are ill, 

And try to make them laugh,

Even when the doctor says

He must saw them in half.

We sing and sing all night and day,

 And then we sing some more.

We sing to boys with broken bones 

And girls whose throats are sore.

 Tra la la, fiddle dee dee,

Hope you get well soon.

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee,

Have a heart-shaped balloon.

We sing to men with measles,

And to woman with the flu,

And if you breathe in deadly germs,

We’ll probably sing to you.

Tra la la, Fiddle dee dee,

Hope you get well soon.

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee,

Have a heart shaped balloon.

After singing that song they reached a place called Heimlich Hospital, everyone in the V.F.D group started singing the song again, then went inside and met a woman named Babs. She checked them and gave them the patients list. Then while the baudelaires were walking they saw a sign saying “Library Of Records” so they quickly left the group, and snuck to the library of records. That’s where they met an old man with a very bad eyesight named Hal. He showed them around and then he told them that they would be helping him put back some files. Then Violet baudilaire said “oh, great now we can learn a lot of information”, but then Hal told them that they weren’t aloud to do that and all they had to do was open up the file and look at the top where it tells the topic. After some days, Hal mentioned he found a file about the topic called “Snicket” and that’s what interested the orphans, and made them do something very mean but it was necessary. What they did was that they stole Hal’s keys and then they snuck into the library of records and that’s when something unexpected happened. BANG! BANG! BANG! CRASH! There was Esmé Gigi Geniveve Squalor standing right in front of them. She was wearing an incredibly expensive outfit, a handbag shaped like an eye, a hat with a small veil, and shoes with stiletto heels. She picked up one of her shoes and pointed it to the baudelaires, then she started chasing them but, because she couldn’t keep up with them she started pushing over the file cabinets and then Klaus and Sunny baudelaire managed to escape, but Violet was trapped with Esme Squalor. Then when Violet found an exit, she was very unlucky because Count Olaf was right there.

Count Olaf and his troupe have got Violet and are planning to do a surgery on her, which includes cutting off her head. They tell everyone in the hospital that the surgery will be held in the surgery ward. Klaus baudelaire was the one who was going to actually cut off Violet’s head.

This is all I read up till, I hope you enjoyed!

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