The naughtiest girl, by Enid Blyton

Elizabeth was enjoying her holidays with her Mom. Right until Mrs. Peter’s (her moms friend) sister didn’t want to take her daughter, Arabella, with her to America. After the holidays Elizabeth had to start boarding school with Arabella AND had to live with Arabella too! Arabella was fancy and had very good manners unlike Elizabeth. When the holidays ended Elizabeth was chosen to be the monitor of her class. She had the ability to make rules and give punishments. She could also add new things to the school.

One day, at the school meeting , the money box was handed around and you had to give all your money in the box. But Arabella was caught giving only a quarter of her money. Everyone found her buying expensive lollies and books at the store. Everyone teased her and Arabella didn’t seem to know why. At the meeting she reported what was going on. Jenny spilled the beans and let all the monitors know what she did.

So far I really like the book and there are some funny bits in it and some bits where I really feel like punching one of the characters. I rate the book a 8/10. 😌

If you would like to buy it here is a link

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