Book review

Title: Runner

Author: Robert Newton

Ratings: I would rate this book a 5 out of 5.


There is a family who recently lost their father. So there son has to step up to support his family.  In no matter of time they become poor. So the son starts look for jobs. He offers a job from Squizzy Taylor. Who in a matter of fact is a criminal. There is a race to determine who gets the job. Squizzy Taylor wants the boy to be his new employ. So he cheats and makes him win. His mother stops him from getting this job but he doesn’t listen and still takes the job behind her back. Due to some events the boy is forced to leave the job. So he goes and runs another marathon this time not for a job but for a large amount of money. Enough for him and his family to survive. He made his odds to win really high so everyone bid a lot of money. As a result when he won he received a lot of money and lived happily ever after.


I really enjoyed this book. It was very adventures and tense book. The only thing i dislike was that the i would get lost in some parts, but then as i read i got a hold of it.I would recommend everybody above the age of 12, because it contains some inappropriate stuff like violence etc.

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