One-Punch Man- By ONE and Yusuke Murata

So I’ve began reading this hilarious, thrilling and entertaining book series by the name of One-Punch Man, a story about a man named Saitama who can kill any opponent with one punch, but because he lives in a world filled with and hasn’t applied for the Hero Registry, no one knows about him, which is a big problem to him. Once he does so, he gets graded, passing every physical test and setting records in every one of them, but when it came to his written exam, he sucked so bad that they had to put him in C-class.

His come up

So the hero battles every opponent with the same dirpy face and killing them with one punch. Even the most formidable villains, he kills them with no effort. This helps him climb the ranks and become more noticed. Which is what he wanted all along. But he gets noticed for the wrong reasons. Everyone thinks he’s a fraud, getting recognition for something other heroes, which was not the case whatsoever.

Why it’s so funny…

1. The visuals

Everyone that is a hero alongside him is given epic costumes, hero names and cool attacks, but Saitama is illustrated with nothing but a doodle for a face and kills everyone with one basic punch.


Other heroes:

2. Conversations

The conversations are really funny at times in this comic and it entertains me very much.]

So this is what I’ve been reading over the past few days and I believe it to be very good. I would highly suggest for you guys to read it as well.

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