the star child

the star child is a book written by Oscar Wilde publish in 1891.The book was written back when everyone spoke old english (e.g art,thou) so it is in old english.The star child is about a boy who was found in the woods in a chest.The lumberjack who found him, adopted him believing he came down from the heavens as he was beautiful. Growing up he was a rude child. He treated everyone as peasants. He did this because he felt he was the son of a god.One day he discovered that his mother was an old homeless woman.He treated her badly as he refused to accept the fact that she was his mother.Then after classifying that fact he wanted to run away from her.Then because of his rudeness he was turned into an ugly toad.He was in the body of a toad until he learnt his lesson.

i like the language(old english) used. Oscar Wilde uses pure description of all senses. He gives the reader the ability to be in the story, almost like a VR.

What i disliked was that sometimes it is hard to understand what is happening.Sometimes there is more description than story and that complicates things.

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