Book report

Title: once 

Author:  morris gleitzman 

Rating: I would rate it a 5 out of 5


There is a boy named felix. Who lives in an orphanage for 3 years. Everyday he hopes to see his parents come and take him, but it never happens. Until one day he was drinking his soup and he discovered that he was given a whole carrot. Which is very unlikely as the council has to feed a thousand kids. Felix started to get the wrong idea. As he believed that the carrot was a sign that his parents were coming. Instead of him waiting he went off looking for them.

As he moves along the journey he faces a series of events. That led him to taking care of a young girl. Felix’s brain was full of imagination. So he never really knew what was going on in the world. As they continue walking they come across a field full of crying parents and kids. The nazis were taking away the kids from their parents and loading them on a wagen. Luckily felix is not separated from, the girl. However they still were forced to get on the train. As the train moves felix decides to make a jump and run away..


I really enjoyed this book. As it is a very mysterious novel. It also gave me an insight of the nazi war. I would recommend you all to read it. 

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