book review #3

title: 13 story treehouse

author: Andy

illustrator: Terry

Andy and Terry live in the most coolest treehouse. they have money tree, tank of man eating sharks,marshmallow machine,money machine, etc. they use to solve many mysterious. Andy and Terry use to make loads of adventures books.

One day they forgot to write down there story and Mr.big nose said ” i need this book finished by 7:00 pm today. they only had 5 hours to write 10,000 words. they knew it was not possible because they also had to illustrate it. Andy was the author and Terry was the illustrator. they went to the 1 dollar shop and asked if there was a magical pen that could write fast and also draw. They had to earn there money by working and they did. That afternoon Andy and Terry took the book and gave it to Mr. big nose.

dislikes: The thing i didn’t like about this book was that they used vocabulary that kids younger than age of 10 wouldn’t understand.

likes: i likes the setting and how there was a thing called a magical pen that could do the work for you.


i would say that this book should be for people above 11 because they might not understand they setting and vocabulary.

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