The Luminous Dead- Caitlin Sterling

So I’ve been reading the Luminous Dead, a book about a caver who has been put into a very dangerous expedition but is only doing it for the money that is on the line. Her body has been modified specifically for this expedition, and the only support member is one person by the name of Em. She is the only person on the expedition and the only one that has ever been. I’m really liking the book so far and am interested to see where it leads.

The main character…

The main character is a woman named Gyre who used to do caving for fun and put fake details in her application. She used to do it with a passion but now it’s mainly about greed. She really wanted to acquire the money that would come with doing the caving job but her intentions had been twisted. It used to be about the fact that Gyre really loved caving but it’s all about the greed for money. Anyways, that’s all that I’ve read so far and I’ve really loved it, hopefully the book gets more interesting as I read it.

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