The naughtiest girl (1st book)

I couldn’t find the first book in the library so instead, I borrowed the second, this time I found it. Elizabeth doesn’t want to go to school so she tries to beg her Mum to stay back home. She is a single child and is very spoilt, she is also very mean and doesn’t like to share. Elizabeth can’t stay home because her mother is going on a trip ( Elizabeth goes to a boarding school).

When she gets there she decides on what to do. She will be so naughty that she will have to be sent back home. But it is a horrible idea. No one would be able to take care of her, she would be home alone. She doesn’t know what to do! She doesn’t like children. Elizabeth is starting to think of new ideas for making mischief. What will she do next?

My rating of the book is 9/10. So far it is very interesting. I wonder how Elizabeth will solve this problem of not wanting to go to school.

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