The Amazing Voyage

Title: The Amazing Voyage. The Third Adventure In The Kingdom Of Fantasy. Author: Geronimo

There is rodent named Geronimo Stilton, in every book he forgets to introduce himself. This is a book that has a lot of adventure and is very extraordinary, it’s adventure is really interesting. I recommend this for ages 8+, I rate this book 10/10, because it is full of adventure and an exciting trip.

The story:

So it starts with Geronimo talking about spring and forgetting to tell his name. Then after some pages it talks about their delicious dinner which is Pizza! His cousin named Trap made the pizza, he made different types like ones that were just plain with tomato sauce or ones with pepperoni, some with mushrooms, some with different types of cheese, and the list goes on! After when everyone left, Geronimo went to bed, but he kept on tossing and turning. Then he woke up to make a cup of tea but tripped over the 30 cups that he drank earlier and then that cut one of his paws and he ran to the bathroom but forgot that there was a puddle of water, then he slipped and fainted. Read the book to find out what happened next!

The End 

I hope you enjoyed!

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