The day of the accident p2

i continued reading a bit of the day of the accident.i am now a bit over half the book.As maggie recovers she still tries to bring her memory back.She decides to go to places that could possibly trigger her memory.She then sees Elspeth(her daughter) screaming then a red figure.This may sound not like much but is is a small summary.
I believe that the writer could have used a larger vocabulary choices.She continuously repeated words.When explaining emotions she would always use the same description.It seemed as she was just trying to add more words but did not know which ones to use.Apart from that everything was perfect.
What i did like was the way she formatted her writing.In the story, there is constant scene change.Sometimes that can get confusing when reading.Fortunately she neatly presented her writing.It was organized and i never lost track or had some confusion on where the story was.I knew what order to read and what was what.

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