Title: then

Author: Morris gleitzman

Rating: 5 out 5


This book start up where the first book ended, with Felix, Zelda at only 10 and 6, who are fleeing from a death-camp in a box cart. In their journey to escape there is always the danger of being turned in to the Nazis for a reward, as well as the risk of being shot or starving to death. Taken in by a Polish woman, the young boy and girl have a home, but danger is still there, especially for Felix, who is tortured by another boy who is determined to strip him to see if he is circumcised. If he uncovers a Jew, the boy will claim a reward, and Felix, Zelda and the women, will be killed. Throughout the book, Felix wastes his time making up stories. Felix though seems to lighten up the mood in the worst of times.

Opinion: I think this is a really good book as it is a series. It really engages me as it tells me about the life of these kids. It shows that if you are positive you can get through anything. I would recommend you all to read it.

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