48 Hours. The Vanishing.

48 hours is a series by Gabrielle Lord. The series includes The Vanishing and so far, The Medusa Curse.
The Vanishing is about Jazz working with her arch-nemesis, Phoenix Lyons. They have to work out who kidnaps Anika Belmont, Jazz’s best friend. They only have 48 hours to do it until the trace goes cold.
The reason Anika is kidnapped is because she posts on a blog everyday about a woman’s life, but someone major in the diary obviously didn’t want her to have it. This Anonymous person sneaks into Anika’s house from the laundry chute, it asks Anika in a raspy voice for the diary and a jewelry box that no one knows about. Without hesitation Anika hands over the diary but she isn’t sure where the jewelry box is. So the person with the raspy voice kidnaps Anika. It restricts calling the police so Jazz and Phoenix decide to solve the case.
Jazz and phoenix find out the suspect is someone that used to live in the Belmont’s house. They suspect Neil, the husband of the woman in the diary…
I think this book is great if you’re looking for a book full of action, suspense and mystery. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10. I think Gabrielle Lord is a really good author and I would highly recommend his books to you.

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