Percy Jackson.

The Percy Jackson books are a series about the Greek Gods, and the quests Percy goes on to save them. Percy Jackson is a half-blood, son of Poseidon, is dyslexic, and has ADHD. All half-bloods are dyslexic and have ADHD. They have dyslexia because their brains are hardwired for Ancient Greek, and have ADHD because it “keeps them alive in battle.” Most half-bloods are sent to Camp Half Blood (the exception being the Hunters) and trained there to fight monsters and be heroes. Satyrs are half-goat-half-human creatures, who are sent to schools around the world to identify half-bloods. They mature slower than humans, and are therefore ideal to stay at schools and monitor them. Satyrs are close to nature and they worship a god called “Pan,” god of nature, who is said to be sleeping. Many satyrs have gone in search of him but none HAD returned until Percy Jackson and his friends stole the “Golden Fleece” from the Cyclops who had stolen it. Satyrs were attracted to the power of the “Golden Fleece”, and eaten by the Cyclops (called Polyphemus). I would rate this book a 9.5 out of 10, because it really gets you thinking, are the Greek Gods still alive? Is it all just Mist? Many of the books have been adapted into a film.

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