The naughtiest girl (part 2)

Elizabeth has decided that she is going to be mean so that she can get kicked out of school. She is very nice but she will have to do this to get to her mum and dad. She starts by wearing socks instead of leggings. Then she decides to be late for breakfast. At breakfast, she doesn’t share any of her food. Everyone was shocked. How could such a little girl be this mean? She didn’t get in any trouble since she was new.

At night time she decided to go outside and play on the swing even though it was her bedtime. There was a night monitor and he saw Elizabeth. Elizabeth accidentally kicked him in the face when he was standing in front of Elizabeth. He pulled Elizabeth’s curls and told her to go to bed. Elizabeth continued being mean and had no friends. One day Rita, a monitor, came up to Elizabeth while she was crying. She asked Elizabeth why she was being so mean to everyone. She explained how much she wanted to go home to her Mum and Dad.

Rita said that she had a problem and it was Elizabeth’s job to solve it. She said that there was a girl named Joan. Joan thought her parents didn’t love her. They didn’t write to her, never celebrated her birthday and they never came to the half-term party. Rita said to make friends with her. Elizabeth tried to be nice to Joan and slowly they became very good friends.

Will Elizabeth continue being mean to everyone but Joan?

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