The naughtiest girl (part 3)

Elizabeth continues to be friends with Joan and started being nice to everyone. But why didn’t she continue being .. mean?
At the next meeting Elizabeth stood up and said that she wanted to go home at half term, to Rita and William. Nora ( Elizabeth’s monitor) said ”Elizabeth was being so good this week. She was being nice to everyone and had straight A’s in her studies. She wants to go home badly”. They took Elizabeth out of the room so they could decide. Everyone agreed to let her go if she wanted. How ever before half term everyone must be nice to her so that she would like the school and stay.

They called Elizabeth in and told her there decision. She was so happy.
A few weeks later it was Joans birthday was almost here. Elizabeth got ten whole pounds from her Uncle and the 2 pounds from the school. She spent all of it on a huge cake and she pretended it was from her mother, a red purse that Joan really wanted, a book and again she pretended it came for her parents, and 3 cards. In the cards it said” From Mummy”, “ From Daddy” and “ From Elizabeth”. She faked being Joan’s parents because she knew that she would forget her birthday!

Joan’s birthday disaster!

2 days later it was Joan’s birthday. She got all of her gifts and was soo happy “ her Mum” sent her these gifts. Joan wrote back to her Mum to say thank you. But her mum said she didn’t sent any gifts and didn’t remember her birthday. From then on Joan was sad, who could’ve sent her these gifts. She went out for a walk and a huge rainstorm started. The little girl wasn’t seen for an hour. When she came back she was soaking and was very ill. Elizabeth felt bad for Joan, just the she realised she wouldn’t have any money to give in the meeting she spent all of it on Joan! She wouldn’t tell anyone her secret. She knew what she had to do. Elizabeth wrote to Joan’s mother and explained what happened. She was soo sorry and told her to visit Joan now.

She sent the letter. Joan’s Mother came and Rita knew why she did this and was very happy and proud because at the end there came out a huge misunderstanding. Joan’s Mother told her that Joan had a twin brother. They were so happy that they had a boy and from the start they didn’t care much about Joan. She was always quite and never asked for anything. Soon their baby boy pasted away. That’s why they didn’t car about Joan, but they still loved her. Elizabeth had been practicing her piano duet with Richard but it’s too bad she couldn’t preform it at the end of term concert. Elizabeth was too proud to change her opinion. John was a gardener. Elizabeth helping him plant things because no one wanted to work with him except Elizabeth. Joan didn’t want her to leave either.

She was being strong and changed her mind. Everyone was so happy she was staying! 😃

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