My life after hands on parenting

You know how most kids have tutors to teach them lessons? Well, in the year 2018 a group of dads decided that they were going to teach us different subjects or life lesson. They were about 3 families in this group that grew to become 2 times more the amount before. At the start we used to do math and science or curriculum based activities. Slowly and gradually we moved on and learned more about things in real life. Some things that I got a gasp at were

  • How do batteries work
  • How to crack codes
  • Problem solving
  • Science behind forest fires
  • What would happen if the sun went out?
  • How to use tools
  • How to work together etc.

Learning with different kids allowed me to build a social circle. We had to go through a rocky road sometimes but we always managed to pull through. When others didn’t do the work we stood up and helped them. No matter who we got paired up with we always collaborated and worked as a team. Some of the projects we got to work on were

  • build a game
  • presentation on why I should be a president
  •  a play
  • How do water powered cars etc.

I always looked forward to this group meeting. It made me realized that the real studies are within the real world. After going to this group for more than a year we decide to change this a bit. We started building toys and machinery. It really gave me an insight of the engineering world and how we need to problem solve when there are no answers. I really enjoy going to this group and I hope we can keep this going for a long time.

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