book review

Title: losing Lillie

Author: Anna Kenna

Illustrator: Philip web


Lillie’s mum needed a new haircut. She gave Lillie’s older sister 20 dollars so she could buy her some ice-cream. Lillie had to be on a leash so she wouldn’t run away. When they were eating their ice-cream her friends came in and asked if she wanted to go the video games. She quickly went back to the salon and saw her mum’s hair getting blow dried. She went to the front desk and asked the lady to take Lillie to her mum. She said “ok”. She left and went to the games store with her friends. After a while she went back to the salon. Her mum was standing there alone without Lillie. Her mum said “where is Lillie”.  She told her what happened. She called her dad on the mobile phone. He was there in 5 minutes. After searching the mall they sat down and saw somebody walking at us with Lillie. It was the security guard. We were so happy to see her.

Recommended for:

I think this book can be read by kids over the age of +10.

the author  thought of good ideas and I loved how the illustrator made the pictures.


I don’t have any dislikes.

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